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the slate is clean... [entries|friends|calendar]
...and life is new

the summer sends it's love to you,
the same as every year,
but this year i will send mine too, and wish
that you were here.

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sherwood at lollapalooza [04 Aug 2007|11:30pm]

Today I had the pleasure of seeing Sherwood at Lollapalooza...this was the first time I've seen a full set of theirs since "A Different Light" came out (I caught the end of their set at Bamboozle back in May), and I am even more smitten with the songs after seeing/hearing them performed live. I can't remember the setlist (it's been a long couple days) BUT I have pictures to share. You'll have to look through some other Lollapalooza pics, as well as some pictures of my dogs that I was too lazy to put into their own album, and I'll warn you that these aren't very exciting, but you're welcome to take a look!

lollapalooza/summer in chicago
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[17 Jul 2007|12:01am]

I have one ticket for the show in Philadelphia on the 23rd. I'm asking $22, which is a little less than what I paid for ticket and service charges. I'm not going because I was scheduled to work and I need the money, so I'd have to mail the ticket to you rather than meet up at the show.

E-mail me at twelvedaysgoneby@gmail.com if you're interested, or leave a comment. Thanks!
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[13 Jul 2007|11:51am]

[09 Jul 2007|09:23pm]

Hey everyone,

I posted photos I took of Sherwood at their show at Chain Reaction last night here in my music blog. Feel free to go take a look!

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[11 Jun 2007|09:32pm]


I work for a magazine called Shiny Silver Fords (www.shinysilverfords.com) and I will be interviewing Sherwood on Thursday... if you have any questions let me know and I'll see what I can do :)


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Punk Goes Acoustic 2 In Stores now! [11 May 2007|12:32pm]

Punk Goes Acoustic 2 is now in stores everywhere!! Head down to your local FYE, Best Buy, Target, Hot Topic, or login to iTunes to pick up the most anticipated comp of 2007!!

Don't miss out.

Go order now at MerchNow and get the most anticipated Punk Goes comp to date!
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Salt Lake City 4-20-07 [22 Apr 2007|10:48pm]


I went to the show the other day and took some photos and a video. I'd thought I would share them with everyone. My photos suck and most of them are blurry so just ignore that fact.  Also its pretty image heavy, and I saved the best for last.

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Buy one get one free with Punk Goes Acoustic 2 [16 Apr 2007|12:24pm]

Be the first to get your hands on the Sherwood track by pre-ordering Punk Goes Acoustic 2!!
Pre-Order "Punk Goes Acoustic 2" now at MerchNow for $10.00 and receive a free album from the Punk Goes Series of your choice with each order. There will also be buy one get one free offers on SmartPunk.com and Interpunk.com.
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[05 Apr 2007|12:42am]

So, I've been a fan for what seems like four or so years now but I just joined this community and I thought I'd introduce myself :). I'm Heather and I live in Riverside, CA.(yeah, that's all I've got when it comes to an introduction).
I think I've seen Sherwood 10+ times now? And I'm definately looking forward to the tour w/ Relient K. I haven't seen Sherwood since last October at Bamboozle Left, and I haven't talked to them since December when they wished me a happy birthday. I'm still not even sure if I'll have a ride to either the Los Angeles or Anaheim show yet.. But hopefully I will :). I guess I've got a week to find out ;x!

And since (Southern) California friends are really cool; myspace :) haha.
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Sherwood on Punk Goes Acoustic 2!!! [14 Mar 2007|04:02pm]

It was just announced this week Sherwood will be on Punk Goes Acoustic 2! For those of you who haven't heard of the CD, it's where rock bands take one of their existing songs and re-record it acousticly.

There's more info on the cd's myspace page and I can't wait to hear what Sherwood decides to put on it!
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If you havent heard already.... [14 Mar 2007|12:41pm]

New exciting news...for you Sherwood fans! Sherwood, along with The Spill Canvas and Relient K have just been announced to be on Punk Goes Acoustic 2. They will join the ranks of Say Anything, All American Rejects, Jacks Mannequin and many more! Check out the Punk Goes Acoustic 2 myspace for more info on the cd and weekly updates on new bands added!
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[13 Mar 2007|10:21pm]

I posted my review of A Different Light in my music blog. comments would be awesome!
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Bamboozle Left two day passes for sale [02 Oct 2006|12:06am]

I have two two day passes up for sale on Ebay. I'm starting them lower than face value. I'm selling them separately so it's two auctions for two-day passes. So each auction is for one two day pass. Make sense?

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2006 Warped Tour [19 Jun 2006|08:48pm]

Sherwood is going to be playing the entire Warped Tour this year on the MySpace Stage. This was sort of a last-minute undertaking, so I don't believe it is posted anywhere on the Warped Tour website. However, if you were having trouble deciding if you wanted to drop $30 bones on the concert, or perhaps if you weren't even going at all, you should change your mind right now. If you are already going to Warped Tour this year, you should go twice.
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[08 Jun 2006|07:30pm]
hey guys, you can read my interview with Dan from sherwood here

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Hey All! [08 Jun 2006|08:18pm]

Hi everyone, I'm new to the comm, but I've liked Sherwood for almost a year now. ^__^ I'm from Utah, USA, and I'd just like to say hello!
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[30 May 2006|12:25pm]

hey guys i am going to interview sherwood in a couple days so if you have any questions forthe band, let me know!
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The Summer EP [13 May 2006|09:26am]

If you haven't heard Sherwood's new (amazing) Summer EP, you should:
1) Be ashamed of yourself
2) Download it FOR FREE! at absolutepunk.net

If you have it already, let's talk about it!
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[12 Mar 2006|11:01pm]

Yesterday I saw Sherwood at a super small venue called Ten Bells in Grand rapids. I thought I'd post the picturesCollapse )

I also have videos of "The Town That You Live In" (1 & 2) [in two parts because I wanted to zoom more] and "I'll wait for you"
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[21 Feb 2006|10:35pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

Hey Guys! I am interviewing Sherwood this thursday and I am writing the interview now. Does anyone have anything they want asked? I would love to get any questions you have. I promise to ask them all. Just e-mail them to me with the subject: "Sherwood Question" at Andrew.Hebert@forthesound.com I will ask all the questions that I get. Thanks!

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